Petitie ter verdediging van de bahá'ís in Iran 2010

Petitie ter verdediging van de bahá'ís in Iran 2010


Prof. René Smits
Hoogleraar Universiteit van Amsterdam

Rabbijn Soetendorp
Liberale Joodse Gemeente

Prof. Theo van Boven
Maastricht University

Prof. dr. F.R.J. Verhey
Maastricht University Medical Center

Prof. Irene van Staveren
Pluralist Development Economics ISS

Prof. Gerrie ter Haar
Religion and Development ISS

Ir. Arie de Pater
Open Doors International

Dr. Dennis de Jong
SP-fractievoorzitter Europees Parlement

Prof. Cees Flinterman
Lid VN Comite inzake de Uitbanning van Discriminatie van Vrouwen CEDAW

Prof.dr. André Wierdsma
Nyenrode Business Universiteit

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11-02-2011 Baha'is lobby U.S. commission to help them survive in Iran (CNN)
Washington (CNN) – It is a bad time to be a Baha'i in Iran, American adherents of the faith say... On Wednesday, Iraj Kamalabadi and other Baha'is came to Washington to tell the commission just how bad things are for his sister, Fariba Kamalabadi, and six others who have been imprisoned...

09-02-2011 Families fear for Bahais jailed in Iran (AFP)
WASHINGTON — Prison conditions are worsening for seven leaders of Iran's Bahai community who are staying in cramped cells with poor sanitation alongside common criminals, US-based relatives said Wednesday...

04-02-2011 Vrijheid op z’n Iraans (Trouw)
Iran behandelt zijn godsdienstige minderheden zoals een tuinman snel groeiende bomen. Omkappen hoeft niet, maar een geregelde snoeibeurt is nodig, want anders worden die bomen te groot. Het bewijs? De behandeling van de bahai’s...

07-12-2010 Open letter speaks out for the rights of all Iranians (BWNS)
In an open letter to the head of Iran's Judiciary, the Baha'i International Community today contrasted the country's persecution of Baha'is with Iran's own call for Muslim minorities to be treated fairly in other countries...

19-11-2010 UN committee condemns 'serious human rights violations' in Iran (CNN)
UN committee condemns 'serious human rights violations' in Iran... The draft resolution approved Thursday also includes the high incidence in carrying out the death penalty and increased persecution against members of the Baha'i faith in its list of human rights concerns in Iran...

01-10-2010 Woman fears for sister in Iran jail - The Australian
An Iranian-born author and former political prisoner who fled as a refugee to Australia says she has been threatened with reprisals. Rosa Vasseghi says she has been threatened for criticising the Iranian government's arrest of her sister, who has been jailed for five years for being a member of the minority Baha'i faith...

16-09-2010 Sentences for Iran's Baha'i leaders reportedly reduced - CNN
(CNN) -- Prison sentences for seven Baha'i leaders in Iran have reportedly been reduced from 20 to 10 years, the Baha'i International Community learned Thursday. Lawyers representing the seven were informed Wednesday of the reduction in jail terms, it said...

31-08-2010 Baha'i woman recalls imprisonment in Iran - CNN
Minoo Vosough can still hear the guards' boots marching down the cold hallways of Iran's Gohardasht prison. The screams of other inmates burn her ears. She can feel the thud of a fist coming down on her head. And the world going black as she was blindfolded and shoved in a courtroom to hear her fate...

28-08-2010 Roxana Saberi: In Iran, shackling the Bahai torchbearers - Washington Post
For several weeks last year, I shared a cell in Tehran's notorious Evin prison with Mahvash Sabet and Fariba Kamalabadi, two leaders of Iran's minority Bahai faith. I came to see them as my sisters, women whose only crimes were to peacefully practice their religion and resist pressure from their captors to compromise their principles. For this, apparently, they and five male colleagues were sentenced this month to 20 years in prison...

15-08-2010 Trial of Iran’s seven Baha’i leaders - Special Report - BWNS
The Baha'i World News Service has published a Special Report which includes articles and background information about the seven Iranian Baha'i leaders - their lives, their imprisonment, trial and sentencing - and the allegations made against them. It also offers further resources about the persecution of Iran's Baha'i community...